Who We Are

We're a design studio currently located in Middle Georgia. Our passion is to help businesses, large, medium and small, succeed at what they do. We'd like to think that we can easily be inserted and used as a flexible component of your business to aid in accomplishing your goals. We have a very broad range of capabilities and strongly believe in keeping things simple.

What We Do

Web Design and Development
Web design is our primary business. We take pride in getting quality websites up fast while giving you the best customer service at a fair price. We work closely with our clients to help them get the most out of their online presence.
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Print Design
Our business started with print design so we do it well. We've been successful at helping our clients communicate the advantages of their products and services with print design for over 10 years.
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How We Do It

We start by learning as much about your business as possible. We make a few suggestions based on what we've learned about your goals. Once you've decided on direction, we start the design and development process. We get your approval, test and deliver.

What You Get

Beautiful Design
Visual appeal can have a huge impact on your end user's judgement about your website. Their first impression will contribute to how they quickly perceive the site's credibility, usability and ultimately influence their purchasing decisions.

Functional Design
SEO Friendly:
Semantically correct markup can help your target audience find you easier. Semantic markup creates a more descriptive language for search engines, therefore allowing them to make your site more relevant.

User Friendly:
Every site should be built with the end user in mind. It is the end user that you want to attract and as a result, covert to a customer. We want the user to find what they are searching for quickly while creating an experience that they won't forget.

Extensible Design:
While we design, we consider the site's future growth. We understand that there's a good possibility of future additions of new functionality or modification of existing functionality. The idea is to make it as easy as possible to make these changes while minimizing the impact to existing system functions.

Our 5 step process to a great website:

  • 1. We Listen
    We listen to you to clearly understand your message, audience and goals, and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals.
  • 2. We help you Plan
    We help you plan your site map, if applicable, and make recommendations on what technologies should be implemented.
  • 3. We design
    We create a prototype for your site and provide a .jpg or .pdf to you through email. We collect your feedback and modify the design accordingly.
  • 4. We develop
    We use the approved design to create an actual, functional site. We collect your feedback and make modifications accordingly.
  • 5. We deliver
    We test the site across multiple browsers as well as complete functionality of the site. Once we have confirmed full functionality of the site and we're satisfied with it's quality we upload your files to your host's servers to make the site viewable to the public.